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VAS Services

We provide a full range of VoIP solutions which are ideal for businesses looking to implement a reliable and advanced telephone system with no hardware or software concerns, which specifically interested in IP-PBX solution. Our hosted VoIP service is fully integrated out of customer’s office. The customer will only have VoIP accounts and dedicated SIP service to his locally connected IP phones. A Monthly Call Packages with huge range of features, low call rates, and free inclusive minutes. These packages falls into PAY AS YOU GO are starting from just $5 a month. For more details visit our website on VoIP

The days of waiting and searching are behind you now. All you have to do is to visit our Share site. It`s easy, simple, fast and free! It has a large collection of files, videos, photos, softwares and others it was created by our developers in a way that makes it accessible to all the users without any difficulty. You will not wait or get delayed in order to get what you want!! You can download multiple files in the same time as there are no restrictions. Also our share server supports re-assuming your downloads if you are using any type of download manager. Besides, you can share your files on both private and public sectors. Some clicks of free registration will get you through sharing the world.

Confused between watching TV or browsing internet?
EarthLink TV has made it simple. You don't have to choose, do the both at the same time. We present different viewer options that will be scheduled in a manner to keep the client always tuned. Tuning to the live and recorded events which vary from traditional and latest release shows. Our program cares about the latest academic movies releases and series' seasons. Sport events have been adopted as another major interest in order to cover many sports with its international tournaments and leagues. Hope you'll enjoy our TV online and keep on tracking our TV Guide.

Do you like playing your favorite game online?
Do you want to compete with others?
Are you bored of been the only person playing?

The solution is in your hands, It`s Earthlink Game Servers. New, Big, Amazing, Worldwide games are now available. This service is provided locally and restricted for our clients only on our network. Tell your friends about it and enjoy the victory!!
EarthLink will provide you with the best site where you can play from our games list online and have great times with others and surely all for free.

Earthlink WIFI
This service will allow you to communicate with friends and family wherever you are and at any time, Earthlink WIFI provides the owners of cafes, restaurants, shopping and excellent service in this high-end
Enjoy it from now...