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Dedicated Bandwidth Service

If your business transacts high online sales volumes, Has internet applications that use a lot of bandwidth or you use cloud based business critical applications accessed via the Internet, then Dedicated internet access is the ideal solution. With a range of speeds, the service provides faster, more reliable secure internet access than today’s business broadband services offer. It is an un-contended service which means you will receive all the bandwidth you are paying for, and the flexibility to increase bandwidth requirements quickly as your needs change.
  • More than double your bandwidth for free.
  • Available for Point to Point and Internet Leased Line.
  • Guaranteed performance with un-contended (1:1) bandwidth.
  • 100% uptime SLA with a compensation service guarantee according to the agreed fix time
  • Dedicated customer support team.
  • Speeds from 0.5Mbps to 10Gbps.

Leased lines offer the technology to help you connect one site to another with a point to point connection or allow your business a fast, reliable connection to the internet via an internet leased line. Leased Lines are divided into two categories upon availability. Optical Fibre and Wireless connection are the most dominated connections you can get. In case you don’t have optical fibre installed to your location, you’re able to request for installing a new one to you and this alternatively depend on how far you are from the nearest existing fibre network. No matter if optical fibre is hard to achieve, wireless point to point connection in a well designed criteria and support will be installed. All leased lines are perfect for business that depend on fast, reliable access at all times or use online applications such as hosting, VPN, VOIP and SIP.


Prepaid Card System

That enables the average end user to browse the worldwide internet network in a simple, cheap and accessible way. Multiple classes falling within this system ranged from Business class (The fastest) to the One Hour class. The classes and corresponding download rates are explained in details below. Other similar service EarthLink has started one year earlier, EARTHMAX, a new service of Prepaid Card Service that falls into using a new technique of wireless communications that is noiseless and higher bandwidth from its respective the old wireless technique. Visit max.earthlinktele.com for registration and communication planning for the service. We're rolling out the fastest broadband yet! Everyone in the house will be able to do everything they want online. All at the same time, and faster than ever before.